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Handmade with love...

I started to fall in love with handmade jewelry at an early age. I was curious about the different techniques, materials and processes involved. My mom used to do crochet and embroidery so I've got that creative handcrafting vein from her.


Initially, I started making some pieces for myself and to give as a gift to my friends and family. When I noticed I could start selling my pieces, I did my research and started offering them to stores around my block.


Once I moved to Canada, I realized it was easier to start an online business and opened my Etsy shop back in 2016, I put it on hold once I found a job, but I knew that I had to go back one day and continue what I've started and loved to do. After many hours of research and learning, I started listing my pieces in 2019. I also opened my website and saw the opportunity to expand into other Marketplaces like Amazon Handmade. 


I've always had this crazy idea that everybody should have access to the same top quality and exceptional customer service expected with luxury brands, but without being expensive. 

I believe the best quality and the best experience should be accessible to everyone.

I like mixing techniques and materials to create a unique style. Our pieces are timeless, romantic, a little bit bohemian and versatile, so you can enjoy them every day. 

Here you will have the chance to request a customized and specially made piece. Don't hesitate to contact me here or through my social media. I will be happy to accommodate your request to the best of my abilities.


You will own pieces that complement your outfit, in a way that makes you not only look great but feel great.

Thank you. Enjoy shopping around!

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Handmade with love

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