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Frequently Asked Questions


What are Miyuki beads?


Miyuki is a Japanese bead manufacturer. The variant we most use is called Miyuki "Delica" beads which are one of the world's most famous beads. They are tiny and of very high quality, there are tons of colors to choose from, and they are uniform in size, making them very attractive and interesting to work in a pattern and giving a neat and beautiful finish.

What is the difference between artistic wire 18 gauge and 20 gauge, Brass and 14K gold filled?

Artistic wire is basically colored copper wire used for jewelry and crafts. Artistic Wire uses an exclusive enamel coating that resists tarnishing, chipping, and peeling. It comes in several gauges and colors. The gauge is based on the thickness of the wire. The more gauges the less thickness. I use 20,22 and 24-gauge wire to wrap crystals and beads.

Brass is a yellow alloy of copper and zinc.
It resembles gold in color.
and it is nickel-free


Types of gold we use in our pieces: 

14K Gold Filled :

14k gold filled is a solid layer of 14kt gold pressure bonded to a brass base metal. Gold-filled jewelry is durable and tarnish-resistant, hypoallergenic, and the perfect alternative to solid gold. I use 14k gold-filled ear wire for my earrings.

18K gold plated

Gold plating is the process of applying a thin layer of gold onto the surface of another metal which is often silver copper or brass. This process is done through a chemical treatment and several different gold plating types are used in various industries depending on the use of the product being manufactured or produced. In jewelry, most pieces are silver or brass metal covered with a layer of Gold plating.

When will I get my package?

All my pieces are available and ready to ship right after payment has been confirmed.

-Free shipping (Canada & US). Shipped through Canada Post safely but without insurance or tracking number.

-Ready to ship immediately after payment has been confirmed.

-Delivery estimates: 7-14 business days
Upgrades Shipping Available. Please contact me if you need your package to be expedited.


Gift wrapping and packaging

Your jewelry will arrive in a nice gift box and ready to give as a gift. If it is a gift for someone else, please send me a text and I will be happy to add a card with your message. Gift wrapping and additional cards are all free of charge!

Care instructions

Here are some tips to make your jewelry last longer:

  • Remove your jewelry before bed.

  • Avoid contact with perfume and lotions.

  • Do not wear jewelry when doing exercises.

  • Store your jewelry in a dark cool place.

  • Clean your jewelry regularly using a soft cloth.

  • Take it off when swimming, do not immerse your jewelry in water.

Personalized and custom orders

We gladly accept custom orders regarding colors and chain sizes. Send us an email to contact@misbonito with your request. 

Thank you

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