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Evil eye charms are known as a universal symbol of protection,used for generations. The belief in the evil eye is present in diverse cultures, from the Mediterranean region to the Middle East, and even parts of Asia and Latin America.  It is thought that whern someone looks at another person with envy or ill intentions, unintentionally cast a curse. The evil eye is often perceived as a malevolent force capable of bringing misfortune or harm. To keep us protected from vil intentions, several cultures have crafted protective talismans in the shape of an eye, and handmade jewelry stands out as a unique and stylish way to protect us from the negative energy associated with the evil eye.

The use of handmade jewelryits not only due to the aesthetic appeal, but also in the personal touch and intention behind each piece. When it comes to warding off the evil eye, we create unique and meaningful jewelry that serves as a protective charm. Incorporating traditional symbols like the Nazar or Hamsa hand into our designs, we get inspired by its cultural significance and positive energy. Some of our most common evil eye charms are:

Nazar Beads:

Nazar beads, also known as "evil eye beads," are a common feature in handmade jewelry designed to deflect negative energy. Crafted from glass, these beads often come in vibrant shades of colors and feature an eye motif in the center. The intricate craftsmanship involved in making these beads adds a touch of authenticity and charm to the jewelry.

Hamsa Hand Jewelry: