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Política de privacidad


Butterflies are a symbol of transformation, hope, and faith. Butterfly jewelry would make a wonderful gift for someone facing changes in life.


The lotus flower symbolizes spiritual awakening and overcoming life's difficulties.

Dream Catcher

A Dream Catcher is intended to protect people from negative dreams while letting positive dreams through.

Hamsa Hand

Adopted by many different faiths and spiritual traditions the Hamsa Hand is used against negativity and ill thoughts. Also known as the Hand of Fatima, Wear a hamsa charm to keep your spirit from harmful thoughts and energies.

Evil Eye

The Evil Eye is considered a talisman that symbolizes protection. In many cultures, it's thought that the Evil Eye can protect against harm, negativity, or evil spirits. 


The heart is a representation of the love we hold in our hearts a loved one or ourselves. Spread Love and compassion by wearing or gifting heart jewelry 

Tree of Life

Known as the link between heaven and earth. It represents the interconnectedness of all beings with Mother Nature. Many say that wearing it will bring luck and wisdom.


Stars are symbols of hope and guidance. positivity, happiness, or renewal. Many wear them just for the aesthetics and beauty of them.


Each type of flower has its own unique meaning. However, overall flowers mean happiness, positive energy, love, and thankfulness.

We hope to inspire you to express yourself with our pieces and help you create a life filled with happiness.

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